The Consultation

The goal of this meeting is to exchange information and share our experience and expertise. After a walk through of the space with the client, we sit down together and discuss in detail all the specific requirements for the project. The client details the problems areas to be addressed, their thoughts regarding solutions and identifies their “vision” for the space.

We, in turn, offer information about how clients goals can be reached, the potential costs involved and how it relates to their budget. We help clients prioritize their needs and determine the best use of their funds. Budget discussions are perhaps one of the most uncomfortable yet eye opening steps in the process.

A consultation meeting provides the client the opportunity to get accurate, realistic information regarding cost and timeline. If the client has underestimated the cost of their project we can help them find more cost efficient ways to reach their goals.  

Design & Pre-Construction

LeavittHaas follows up the Initial Consultation Meeting with a formal Design Services Agreement regarding the scope of work and estimated fees associated with Design and Pre-Construction. In order to establish transparency in our services, these fees include:

  • Estimate for design costs based on the scope of work for the Design process

  • Allowances for Architecture, Engineering & Soil Testing (with builder of choice)

  • Allowances for associated with Lead, Asbestos, Radon Testing (with builder)

  • Estimate for costs associated with the Pre-Construction phase

This Agreement is presented to the client for their approval and once the client has accepted the conditions the design process begins.

Our Interior Design services are billed in hourly rates that are standard for the Interior Design Industry.  

For Interior Design Purchasing Services, we use a Cost Plus model where we split our discounts with our clients while passing along the costs for freight, shipping & handling, delivery services and taxes. With our split discount, clients get below retail pricing while having the ability to turn over the complex purchase and delivery legwork to a professional.

Interior Design