This first meeting often serves as an introductory period to see if a relationship can be developed between the client and LeavittHaas - to build confidence in our experience and approach. 

During this meeting we discuss the dreams you have for your home, your budgets, your preferred style, what furnishings and finishes you are attracted to, and freely share our knowledge, potential solutions and inspirations for bringing your dream to life..

At the conclusion of this meeting, many clients will know if they’d like to continue working with LeavittHaas. Should we decide to work together, LeavittHaas will issue a Design Services Agreement outlining in greater detail our Design Steps, Design Process, General Terms and Conditions, Scope of Intent, and the professional fees associated with this phase.

Once the agreement has been signed and fees paid, LeavittHaas will develop a design timeline based on your needs as well as schedule time to measure the home to kick off the design development process.



During this first phase of our design process, our design team works independently of each other to develop solutions for your project. Each team member reviews the Scope of Intent, your inspirations, and brings their unique experience to developing solutions for the uniqeness of the home and how you’d like to live within it.

During this first phase, we focus on the overall structure of the house and give you different design solutions for each “structure”. By focusing on the “structure”, we take an overall view of the home and its structural elements - such as windows, walls, cabinet layouts, door locations, door types, bathroom configurations, etc. While we add design details to our renderings, these concepts are designed to flesh out the overall layout of what the home can become to ensure our solutions are advancing the goals of how you’d like to live.

We refer to this phase as the “60K ft” presentation.  It’s the overall picture with more focus on how you’ll live in the house and less emphasis on the finishes.



After our Design Concepts presentation, we like our clients to really think about the solutions we are proposing. As such, we build in a “contemplation” period after the presentation to really examine what will work for you and the members of your household.

Once our clients have come to a consensus on what the overall structure of the home will be, we begin the refinement process.  As part of this process, we take our clients out for a shopping trip to start addressing the finishes that our clients respond to and desire the most.  This shopping trip allows us to gain more insight into the details that will bring your dreams to life while we refine the overall structure of the home.

This refinement period usually contains the shopping trip, 2 rounds of revisions to the plans as well as 2 rounds of finish selections. 

We refer to these presentations as the “30K ft” presentations.  It’s the overall picture with more focus on what you’ll see everyday when you are home.



Once we receive sign-off on the design and finishes, we begin the detailed tasks of engineering and documenting the changes that will occur in the project.  Using licensed architects and structural engineers, we begin the development of the Permit Package as required by your local municipality. 

This is also the time where we develop any HOA packages that will need to be submitted so work can get started moving forward.

In addition, we are doing our due diligence by testing the home for lead, asbestos and radon - as most municipalities require this for the permit set and to ensure everyones safety - now and in the future.