Effective and consistent communication throughout the construction process will alleviate a lot of worry that clients have with people working on their home. LeavittHaas uses an online project management portal to assist us on managing communications throughout the life of our projects.

With it’s powerful communications features, we have found that this online portal is the best tool for managing communications across all team members - both internally, with our clients and with our subcontractors. 

Once a project is underway, from the design period through the warranty period, we ask our clients to centralize all communications through the portal so that the team has a record of all requests, questions, last minute ideas and general information for your project. 

It also allows all members of the team to understand how decisions are being made and provides an easy “backtrack” in the event any miscommunication has happened.

In addition to this online portal, we typically have weekly or bi-monthly status meetings to ensure the project is moving swiftly, to provide a forum for clients to ask questions and raise concerns and to provide in person updates on the vast array of items that need to be handled throughout construction.



We will be scheduling dozens of different subcontractors for any job, which is difficult and not always seamless. There can be a variety of issues that will prevent someone from showing up exactly when needed. We try to avoid this, but it will happen. 

There are also days that are 100% dedicated to an inspection that will only take a few minutes. There are quite a few inspections that need to occur that will add to your timeline.

However, we do our best to minimize their impact on the schedule by creating a guidance timeline during pre-construction and updating it constantly throughout the construction process.  If these variables are planned for, they won't delay the project and by having constant access to their construction schedule, clients will more clearly understand when things will be happening.



Design is a never ending endeavor - it’s a living breathing component of the renovation process.  Sometimes after the house has been demo’d or the cabinets are installed, ideas crop up that can enhance the original intent of the approved design.  

Our designers visit the job site regularly throughout the construction project to ensure that the design intent is being realized and to provide "fresh eyes" for the construction team and sub-contractors. Site visits are an invaluable part of our approach and are highly valued by the clients, project management team and our sub-contractors. Potential problems are identified earlier, design solutions can be developed more quickly and new ideas can be seen throughout the project.

We welcome open communications with our clients to continuously improve the design solutions we originally started the construction process with.