LeavittHaas is a residential design/build studio that works in the greater Denver, CO metropolitan area. Our goal is to design our clients' homes, additions, kitchens, bathrooms or exterior spaces with an eye not only to aesthetics but also to ensure a home's ergonomics fits today's modern lifestyles.

It is our belief that the remodel design and construction process works best when it is a partnership between the homeowner and our team. 

Each member of this partnership brings value to the project as a whole. The client brings a deep knowledge in the way they live, the way they want to live in the future and, usually, a distinct preference in the style they want to portray to guests in their homes.

Each member of our team brings different viewpoints, experience and knowledge and we actively encourage all members of our team to be blunt in their opinions. Each member of our team has been brought on board based on their specific strengths and we work actively to educate and advance our team members to grow and challenge themselves on a daily basis.

When all members of the team work in unison and with respect for our differences, the total project is enhanced and improved on a daily basis.

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